Maryam "Mimi" Amini


Maryam "Mimi" Amini (b. 1977, Isfahan, Iran) is best known for works 'that bear minimal relevance to reality'. Through years of diverse practice in drawing, painting and collage, she has produced artworks that escape commodification, yet create new forms and dialogs. Mimi's style dominantly moves towards abstraction, but figurative elements and unique 'lifeforms' have their own presence.

Describing her as an "unconventional and unique artist", the great Iranian painter Ali Nassir writes: "She resolves contradictions in an anarchic arrangement and once the viewers are stimulated by the initial shock, they immediately become entangled in a critical dialogue. The works of Maryam Amini seem playful…"


b. 1977, Isfahan, Iran



2003. BA. Painting. University of Art. Tehran, Iran





Solo and Two-Person Exhibitions

2019. Self-Studies in Flight Methods. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2016. Eleven 11. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2016. The Underworld and its Emergent Effects (In Collaboration with Mamali Shafahi). Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2014. Your Darkness Fills Me with Life. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2012. Eleven Illustrated Narratives. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2012. The Rebellious Children Staid in Painting. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2011. The Manner Of Silence. Running Horse Gallery. Beirut, Lebanon

2011. Aktion/reAktion. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2010. Extremely Fragile, Please Handle with Care. Cream Gallery. Milan, Italy

2010. Me And Madam Iran. Galleria Verso Artecontemporanea. Turin, Italy

2008. Fitting Clothes to Pack Three Lovers. Ave Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2007. My Own Toys. Mah Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2005. Ballon. Elahe Gallery. Tehran, Iran





Selected Group Exhibitions

2019. 3 Positions. O Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2017. Update 5.0. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2017. Mimi Cries, "Shattered Frames" curated by Sohrab Kashani. Pejman Foundation. Tehran, Iran

2016. IRANXCUBA, Beyond the Headline. Rogue Space. Chelsea, New York City, USA

2016. Shattered Frames. Iranian Film and Video Festival. Carnegie Museum. Pittsburg, USA

2015. Centerfold Project, Spring of Recession. Sazmanab Projects. Tehran, Iran

2013. Mimi Cries, "Subjective Truth from Iran". Center of Contemporary Art. Tbilisi ,Georgia

2013. The Memorial to Peace, "Peace from the Bottom of My Art". Opera Gallery. London, UK

2011.  Disturbing The Public Opinion. Göteborg's. Gothenburg, Sweden

2011. The Road to Contemporary Art. Roma Art Fair. Rome, Italy

2010. Black or White. Museum EX ARUM. Pescara, Italy

2010. Under the Radar. JTM Gallery. Paris, France

2010. Black and White. Verso Gallery. Turin, Italy

2009. Selected Artists. Tammen Gallery. Berlin, Germany

2009. Risk of Color. EKWC Sculpture Project in Netherlands. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2009. Magic Of Persia. Dubai, UAE

2009. Raado Bargh. Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery. Salzburg, Austria

2009. Raado Bargh. Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery. Paris, France

2008. Iran Project, Ceramic Works. European Ceramic Work Center (EKWC). Oisterwijk, Netherlands

2008. Whispered Secrets, Murmuring Dreams. Mall Gallery. London, UK

2007. Song of Bulbuls of Oil Rich Lands. Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art. Esfahan, Iran

2007. Fine Art Museum of Sa'd-Abad Palace. Tehran, Iran

2007. Radical's Drawing. Tehran Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2007. Broken Promises, Forbidden Dreams. Space Art Gallery. London, UK

2007. Collected Memories. Iranian Heritage Foundation Art. London, UK

2007. Mah Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2006. Mah Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2005. Mamak-e-Nourbakhsh Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2005. Mah Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2004. Garden of Iran, Ancient Wisdom New Visions. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Tehran, Iran

2004. For BAM. Group Show in a Warehouse in Tehran, Iran

2003. Environmental Art Exhibition. Polour, Iran

2003. Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Painters. Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art. Esfahan, Iran

2002. Annual Exhibition of Female Painters. Esfahan Museum of Contemporary Art. Esfahan, Iran

1999. Elahe Gallery. Tehran, Iran