Dastan features an extensive and multi-dimensional program, focusing on the full spectrum of Iranian contemporary and modern art. Dastan's program includes Dastan's Basement, +2 and Dastan:Outside. In addition to hosting exhibitions, Dastan publishes artist books as well as monographs on Iranian art, features film screenings, performance projects and other events.

Dastan's original space, Dastan’s Basement, was established in 2012 in Tehran, Iran. The Basement is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and experimental Iranian art. +2 is a gallery launched by Dastan in 2015. This space showcases established Iranian artists and masters. Since the opening of its primary space, Dastan’s Basement, in 2012, Dastan has continuously hosted pop-up curated exhibitions around the city of Tehran under the title Dastan:Outside, including shows at Sam Art (in Sam Center Mall), V- Gallery, and Shirin Confectionary's building. The program, aimed to extend the gallery’s program outside of its regular venues, features exhibitions that are usually site-specific and mostly involve experimental and non-traditional formats of exhibiting art.

  • The Basement

    #6 Beedar Street, Fereshte (Fayyazi) Street, Tehran, Iran

  • +2

    2nd Floor, #8 Beedar Street, Fereshte (Fayyazi) Street, Tehran, Iran

  • Parallel Circuit