In Cahoot b. 2010


In Cahoot is a process-oriented collective whose identity is in flux. Its mainstay is Bita Fayyazi (b.1962). Established in the early 2010s, In Cahoot brings together artists and those with no artistic background who conceive of, wrestle with, work on, and set up artistic projects that arise through emergence. The group's objective, thus, appears to be its in-playness. Every member is involved in the process of engendering a work.

In Cahoot's previous bashes ("The Dinosaur Lost Her Bearings", Dastan Outside Projects, 2020; "Farhangsarie", Niavaran Cultural Center, 2016; "Drawing, Collage, Painting", Abi Gallery, 2014; "The Made, the Undone, the Make Do", Khak Gallery, 2012, all in Tehran) immersed in hybridity and (in/con/re/mis/mal/de)formation.