Bita Fayyazi | "Crescendo": Parallel Circuit

26 January - 1 March 2024 Parallel Circuit

A Solo Exhibition of Works by Bita Fayyazi in collaboration with "In Cahoots", curated by Vali Mahlouji.

at Parallel Circuit.

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Press release

Parallel Circuit announces “Crescendo” [a gradual and continuous increase in loudness], an exhibition of works by Bita Fayyazi curated by Vali Mahlouji, starting Friday, January 26, 2024, and continuing through March 1, 2024. Bita Fayyazi has worked extensively with Dastan Gallery, most recently with the presentation of her work in the art fairs Contemporary Istanbul (2023) and Frieze New York (2023).

Featuring a large-scale installation, this presentation includes several plaster and 3D printed sculptures with a chandelier made out of water bottles; the works were built in collaboration with the collective “In Cahoots,” which includes Raana Dehghan, Shokoofeh Khoramroodi, Sepideh Zamani, Sogol Azarshab, Farbod Elkaei, Nariman Farrokhi, Afshin Sa’dipoor, Arya Tabandehpoor, and Pouya Parsamagham.

“Here, the potentially imposing skeletal set – possibly an underground tunnel to somewhere, or a shelter from something, compels a spectator to behold an inescapable enclosure which may be protective, containing or conversely claustrophobically ominous and hostile. Fayyazi’s environments often are intent on remaining unfinished, incomplete, makeshift, and fragmented; but they occupy space with imposing and definitive confrontational power. Their incompleteness is contrapuntal to their very confrontationality. Their contradictions are a relief from their face-on challenge. If there is to be any narrative thread through Fayyazi’s theatrically set stage, then that too is intentionally in fragments.” Vali Mahlouji, the curator of the show writes.

Bita Fayyazi (b. 1962, Tehran) lives and works in Tehran. More than a sculptor, an installation artist, or a ceramicist engaged in some mystic relationship with her material, Fayyazi is an artist who works within a more performative and markedly social practice.

Fayazzi has been active in art for around 30 years. As her involvement in art developed, she became interested in teamwork and collaboration. She actively engages in collaborative and performative projects with artists and individuals with no artistic backgrounds. By embracing such interactions, she explores the power of shared creativity, fostering meaningful connections and broadening the boundaries of artistic expression. Throughout the years, working together with others has become an integral and cherished part of her practice. This approach has shown to be more valuable, often surpassing the outcome itself.

“We have embarked on various interactive and collective projects, where we transform a space into our workshop and, over one month or longer, work towards realizing our project, culminating in its opening to the public at that very space.”, she explains on her endeavor.