Asal Peirovi Iranian, b. 1985

Asal Peirovi (b. 1985, Sari, Mazandaran Province, Iran) is a graduate of Painting from Shahed University (BA, 2009) and Tehran Art University (MA, 2014). 

In her work, Asal Peirovi uses various techniques and focuses on themes such as memory, travel, scenography, architecture, and nature. Her signature is the distinct handling of materials and experimentations with architectural elements inside the logic of perspective. Another trademark in her works is that she often works on unprimed and unstretched canvases. The paintings of Asal Peirovi are a combination of study and improvisation in which the artist’s creation of visual texture on fabric resembles the unpredictable behavior of nature. This allows her to use it as a context to add different layers of architectural elements opposing nature’s unpredictability. These architectural elements, inspired by Perso-Islamic historic structures, are depicted in the color palette and the perspective techniques of traditional Persian painting, invoking many elusive references that express the diversity that informs Asal Peirovi’s visual perception.