Group Presentation: Frieze Seoul 2023

6 - 9 September 2023 Art Fairs

A Group Presentation of Works by Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Mamali Shafahi, Asal Peirovi, Maryam Ayeen, Hoda Kashiha, Sepand Danesh, and Ali Beheshti.


Frieze Seoul 2023

Booth: A36
September 7 - 9, 2023
Preview: September 6, 2023
Location: Seoul
Address: COEX, 513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, 06164, Seoul
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Maryam Ayeen, Untitled, 2023
Installation Views
Press release

Dastan is pleased to announce its participation in Frieze Seoul 2023. Marking Dastan’s second participation at the fair, after a solo booth of works by Ali Beheshti in its 2022 edition, the current presentation includes a diverse spectrum: from the work of the late renowned artist Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam (1924-2018), the striking canvases of Ali Akbar Sadeghi (b. 1937), and the fantasy of Mamali Shafahi (b. 1982), to the inspiring talents of contemporary painters Asal Peirovi (b. 1985), Maryam Ayeen (b. 1985), Hoda Kashiha (b. 1986), Sepand Danesh (b. 1985), and Ali Beheshti (b. 1988). 

Drawing inspiration from the opulent artistic heritage of Iran, specifically the Persian Painting schools, Dastan embarks on a mission to create a presentation that shows the diversity of practices in the contemporary art of Iran, revealing dimensions less explored on the international stage. 

In Mohsen Vaziri-Moghaddam’s transparent plexiglass sculpture, motion and stillness are expressed simultaneously. The piece, created from the artist’s 1970s drafts and designs, sits at the center of the presentation, looking determined yet awry, restless though calm, awaiting. 

Ali Akbar Sadeghi’s masterfully-crafted narratives come alive as he weaves epic-inspired tales of light and darkness. Symbolizing the eternal struggle between opposing forces, Sadeghi’s canvases become platforms for philosophical contemplation. Viewers are drawn into a world where dichotomies shape existence, and profound reflections emerge from the interplay between brightness and shadow. 

Mamali Shafahi delivers a visual feast adorned with hidden chimeras that defy categorization. His works serve as mirrors reflecting the complexities of cultural diversity and identity, shattering stereotypes and inviting viewers to embrace the richness that lies beneath the surface. 

Asal Peirovi presents looped travel diaries that traverse the contours of time and space. Peirovi's intricate narratives invite viewers to embark on a journey as memories and experiences intertwine in a mesmerizing dance. Through her playful rendition of perspective, texture, and geometry, she defies the linear constraints of storytelling, offering a fresh perspective on the cyclical nature of life's experiences. 

Maryam Ayeen's works, unlocking a world of multi-dimensional angles and perspectives, are portals to alternate realities; each layer unravels new dimensions and hidden truths. Through her work, viewers are challenged to delve deeper into their perceptions and confront the limits of narrative and time. 

Sepand Danesh’s paintings capture the ceaseless motion of human thought. His creations echo the relentless flow of ideas and contemplations that shape our reality. His pieces allude to the infinite potential of the human mind, inviting audiences to ponder the dynamic nature of their intellect. 

The work of Hoda Kashiha offers layered renditions of perspective and time. Her creations mirror the intricate layers of human emotion, inviting introspection into the intricacies of the human psyche. Through her paintings, viewers are prompted to contemplate the interplay between personal experiences, memories, and the perception of reality.

The composition becomes a portal as Ali Beheshti aims to conjure feathery abstractions that seem to flutter on the edge of reality. These ethereal creations blur the tangible and intangible boundaries, inviting spectators to question flatness, dimension, and depth. 

Looking at the rich traditions in Persian Painting, storytelling emerges as a powerful thread in the current presentation, weaving narratives and perspectives into images that shape our understanding of the world. Meanwhile, themes of suppression, social paranoia, fear, and outburst resound, underscoring the complex interplay between societal influences and individual expression.