Ali Beheshti Iranian, b. 1988


Ali Beheshti (b. 1988, Qom, Iran) is Tehran-based artist. He received his MFA in Painting (2016) and BA in Graphic Design (2013) both from Azad University of Tehran.

Ali Beheshti experiments with a variety of materials and mixes techniques, including multiple thin layers of graphite powder, ink and pencil, with less conventional ones, such as print transfer, to create frames that have the appearance of three-dimensional works. His forms are informed by an interest in Islamic-Iranian philosophy: how every form hints at an origin that can be deciphered by wading through layers of appearance. He thus pares down the visual characteristics of a form in his drawings to arrive at its mainspring.

Ali Beheshti has held three exhibitions with Dastan's Basement ("Opaque", 2021; "Interpretation", 2019; "Insensible", 2017). His works have appeared in many group exhibitions, including "Encircle the Apple or Shadowlessness" (V-Gallery, Tehran, 2019), "Agog" (V-Café, Tehran, 2016), both curated by Aidin Xankeshipour, and "I draw, therefore I think", a South South Project curated by Jitish Kallat (2021). Ali Beheshti has also shown his work in several art fairs, including Frieze Seoul (2022); Teer Art Fair Online (2020); Le Gymnasium Sacre, Curated by Sam Samiee in Dastan’s Basement Booth at Art Dubai 2019.