Frieze Seoul brings international attention to Korea

Il Sole 24 Ore
The first edition of Frieze Seoul (3-5 September 2022) has been featured in this lengthy article in the Italian language e-paper called “Il Sole 24 Ore”. The article is largely centred upon the relevance of Korea in the art scene as compared to other Asian centres of art such as Tokyo, China and Hong Kong. Marc Glimcher, president and CEO of Pace Gallery, which opened a space in Seoul in 2017, goes to lengths emphasising the sophistication of the Korean art scene, the fact that it is very established and has been flourishing since the 1970s (as opposed to the Chinese who are relatively new on the scene and the Japanese that have scaled down their presence in recent years). There is consensus, however, that there is room for several centres of art in Asia as in the West. The appetite of the new generation of Korean collectors was explained as evident from the long lines in front of the entrances of Frieze Seoul. At the conclusion of the preview, many of the 110 participating international galleries reported sales in all price ranges starting between $1-3K for an Ali Beheshti work to a recent George Condo painting which was sold by Hauser & Wirth for $ 2.8 million. Click here to read it in full.
September 5, 2022
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