Hoda Kashiha Iranian, b. 1986

Hoda Kashiha (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) is a graduate of Painting from the University of Tehran (BA, 2009) and Boston University (MFA, 2014). She works and lives in Tehran.

Works of Hoda Kashiha bounce between everyday life and the imagery she sets out to produce artworks. The artist meets with difficult moments of her personal and political life through non-linear narrative, dark humor, and mythological, religious, and modern icons. She composes her fragmented narratives by drawing from various references – "from Malevich to Instagram.” Kashiha uses digital tools to draw work and then construct it on canvas, layer upon layer. Nevertheless, this way of fragmenting motifs deals with major contemporary subjects such as persisting gender relations. The body plays a vital role in many of the artist’s works. Through the body, she relates to the world, becomes aware of her desires, and constructs an identity. She projects her personal life and the external world by drawing the body. Being interested in man and woman interaction, she uses various tools (airbrush, i-Pad, stencil) and subjects (body fragments, geometric abstraction) that affect an ambiguity that separates traditional definitions of male-female, resulting in gender fluidity.