Hoda Kashiha, Mamali Shafahi, and Homa Delvaray at "100 Years"

Gagosian and Geffery Deitch
Works of Dastan artists Hoda Kashiha, Mamali Shafahi, and Homa Delvaray were on view from November 29 to December 4, 2022 at the Buick Building in Miami Design District, Miami, USA. Titled "100 Years", the show was a carefully selected presentation by Gagosian and Jeffery Deitch. As its title suggests, works in this show were by and large reflections on our relationship with temporality. Ali Banisadr ("The Rising Sun", 2022) and Hoda Kashiha ("Two Methods for Separating Sun from Flower" and "How to Create Space for Sun to Rise", 2022) center their work around the sun in a new orbit of significance. Mamali Shafahi ("The Pink Snow" and "The Watcher", 2021) wants to know how the past relates to the present in his two sculptures that depict archaic forms using the latest technological means of execution (car paint, flocked veneer). Homa Delvaray ("Pickaxe" from “Khâsh” Series, 2022) examins the power of rituals and superstitions in her elaborate pickaxe hanging over a crimson heart. For more information click here.
November 29, 2022
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