Homa Delvaray Iranian, b. 1980

Homa Delvaray (b. 1980, Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian graphic designer and visual artist living and working in Tehran. Since earning a degree in Visual Communication from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran (2006), she has extended her work across various mediums, from installation to sculpture, textile art to artist books. 

Her practice activates graphic and stage design overlap in a spatial framework. Her works, often presented as an installation of a group of objects, engage the architectural space using design and spatial strategies. A graphic designer by training, Delvaray employs the tools she has at her disposal to research and present what she observes as the paradoxical life within the dichotomies found in the life of contemporary Iranians. Her recent series investigates gender relations and how it has been formulated in mythological metaphors and tropes.