From Latinx artists to new takes on Surrealism, curator Marcela Guerrero’s favourite works at Frieze New York

The Art Newspaper

Marcela Guerrero, an associate curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, picks 8 works that she found significant at Frieze New York (Which took place May 18-22, 2022), for The Art Newspaper, among them Homa Delvaray's "The Garden of Desolation" series. “Delvaray has a graphic design background, visible in this work", she explains, "which has to do with the idea of the Persian garden and how that is a construct. She’s deconstructing that garden we all have in our minds, breaking down its components and elements.” Curating two major exhibitions for Whitney this year, Marcela Guerrero "has made significant contributions to the Latinx art field". Click here to read it in full.

May 31, 2022
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