Iranian artists continue to create and exhibit work

The Art Newspaper

The Art Newspaper published an article on April 20th, 2023, written by Gareth Harris, on the recent Realism exhibition organized by Dastan Gallery held at Frieze's No. 9 Cork Street space. The exhibition showcased works by 24 artists expressing their experiences, observations, and emotions through painting and sculpture. The article discusses the struggles of Iranian artists working despite the turmoil. 

The artists face numerous challenges in Iran, including inflation, sanctions, and government crackdowns. 

The text further shares the comments of artists such as Alborz Kazemi and Mamali Shafahi. They note that despite the art scene’s negative effects and struggling market, artists are eager to work.

The writer quotes Hormoz Hematian, the founding director of Dastan, on how the works selected [in Realism] are not necessarily made to represent the past year’s events. Still, one may find them more relevant today.

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April 27, 2023
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