Fereydoun Ave Iranian, b. 1945


Fereydoun Ave (b. 1945, Tehran, Iran) is one of the most influential individuals in Iranian contemporary art and his prolific efforts have taken diverse aspects. He received his BA in Applied Arts for Theatre from Arizona State University, studied film at New York University, and studied at the University of Seven Seas (aka Semester at Sea). During his career, which spans over five decades, he has successfully taken many different roles including artist, designer, art director, collector, curator, gallerist and art patron. His artworks have been featured in many solo exhibitions along with hundreds of group shows in galleries and museums all around the world. As well as being purchased by many notable private collectors, Ave’s work has been acquired by prestigious art institutions including The British Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Los Angles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Cy Twombly Foundation and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA).


Born 1945. Tehran, Iran

Lives and works in Tehran and Paris




1969-70. New York University. Film School. New York, USA

1963-69. Arizona State University. Tempe. Arizona, USA

1964. University of Seven Seas. Orange. California, USA






2019. The Breeder Gallery. Condo Unit. Athens, Greece

2019. Rostam 2019. A Dastan:Outside Project. V-Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2018. Emrooz Art Gallery in Collaboration with Dastan. Isfahan, Iran

2018. Sohrab & the Bees & the Rose & the Nightingale. with Mohsen Ahmadvand. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2018. Notes II. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2018. Homework for Long Winter Nights. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2017. Roots. With Shaghayegh Arabi. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2016. Souvenirs. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2016. Bouquet. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2015. Postcards from Iranestan. Shulamit Nazarian. Los Angeles, USA

2015. References, Clues and Favorite Things. A Dastan:Outside Project. Sam Art. Sam Center. Tehran, Iran

2015. Seven Works on Paper. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2014. The Warrior's Rest. Ermion Technis. Kikladhas, Greece

2014. Fereydoun Ave: Designer. Azad Art Gallery and Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2014. Watercolors. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran

2012. Flowers and Divas. AB Gallery. Zurich, Switzerland

2010. The Sacred Elements: Wind. Rossi & Rossi. London, UK
2010. Fereydoun Ave and his Rostam. Janet Rady Fine Art at La Ruche. London, UK

2009. Rostam in the Dead of Winter. B21 Gallery. Dubai, UAE

2007. Lal Dahlias. B21 Gallery. Dubai, UAE

Seyhoun Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Herve Van der Straeten Gallery. Paris, France

13 Vanak Street Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Silk Road Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Événement du Jeudi. Paris, France
Sheikh Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Omega Gallery. Athens, Greece
13 Vanak Street Gallery. Tehran, Iran

Seyhoun Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Farideh Cadot Gallery. Paris, France
Zand Gallery. Tehran, Iran

Litho Gallery. Tehran, Iran

Iran - America Society Cultural Centre. Tehran, Iran







2018. Mossavar-Nameh. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2018. Journey/Passage. A Dastan:Oustside Project. Manouchehri House. Kashan, Iran

2018. Modern-Contemporary. A Dastan:Outside Project. V-Gallery. Tehran, Iran

2018. Mossavar-Nameh. Dastan's Basement Booth at Art Dubai 2018. Abu Dhabi, UAE

2017. Inspired by "References, Clues and Favorite Things". Dastan's Basement Booth at Art Dubai 2017. Abu Dhabi, UAE

2017. Update. Dastan+2. Tehran, Iran

2016. Islamic Art Now. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Los Angeles, USA
2016. Art in Secret. Showcase Gallery. Dubai, UAE
2015. Cy Tombly maitre Fereydoun Ave disciple. IBU Gallery Jardin du Palais Royal. Paris
2015. Bits and Pieces: Collages and Assemblages. Shirin Gallery. New York, USA
2015. Year in Review. A Dastan:Outside Project. Sam Art. Tehran, Iran

2014. ROOTS. Total Arts. Dubai, UAE
2013. The Everlasting Flame: Zoroastrianism in History and Imagination. Brunei Gallery, The School of Oriental and African Studies. London, UK
2013. My Name Is Not Rouge. Shirin Gallery. New York, USA
2012. Victory! Triumph in Classical and Contemporary Asian Art. Rossi & Rossi. London, UK

2011. What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?. Rossi and Rossi. London, UK Inaugural Exhibition, JAMM, Shuwaikh, Kuwait
2010. Roundabout. City Gallery Wellington. Wellington, New Zealand
2010. Boys and Girls Come out to Play. Summer exhibition. Rossi & Rossi. London, UK
2009. Demons and D-Artboards. with Malekeh Nayiny. Rossi & Rossi. London, UK
Contemporary Art Museum, Teheran, Iran
2009. The Contemporary Persian Scene: The American and European Experience. LTMH Gallery. New York, USA
2008. Routes. Waterhouse and Dodd. London, UK
2005. Welcome. Kashya Hildebrand Gallery. New York, USA
2004. Gods Becoming Men. Frissiras Museum. Athens, Greece
2004. Iran Under the Skin. Casa Asia. Barcelona, Spain
2002. Iranian Contemporary Art. Barbican Art Gallery. London, UK*
2001. Regards Persans. Espace Electra. Paris, France
Iran Heritage Show. London, UK
Salon d'Automne de Paris. Paris, France
Contemporary Art Museum. Tehran, Iran
Zand Gallery. Tehran, Iran
Hayden Zand Gallery. Washington DC, USA
Basel International Art Fair. Basel, Switzerland







The British Museum. London, UK
Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, USA
La Caisse des Dépôt et Consignation. Paris, France

Contemporary Art Museum. Tehran, Iran
Lloyds Bank.Geneva, Switzerland
Centre Georges Pompidou Collection. Paris, France

Cy Twombly Foundation. USA
Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Los Angeles, USA






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