Grand Designs: The art of Fereydoun Ave


In an article recently published in Artforum, Media Farzin writes on Fereydoun Ave and the Jameel Art Centre exhibition “Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959–2019”.

Renowned artist Fereydoun Ave's multifaceted career defies simple categorization. From painting and collage to stage sets and furniture design, he transcends labels like artist-designer-gallerist. The traveling exhibition, "Some Seasons: Fereydoun Ave and the Laal Collection, 1959–2019," at the Jameel Art Centre, Dubai, delves into Ave's role as a connector, showcasing his Polaroids and first-person wall texts. Born in Tehran in 1945, Ave's artistic journey reflects Iran's post-revolution 1980s, revealing irreverent humor and an enduring will to be unconventional. His 1978 series, "101 Names," featuring abstract collages, pays homage to his Zoroastrian heritage. Ave's oeuvre is a vibrant record of a community's growth and a testament to his artistic legacy.

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November 9, 2023
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