“Phantasmagoria: Daddy Kills More People" Mamali Shafahi

The Breeder Gallery Athens

Mamali Shafahi's “Phantasmagoria: Daddy Kills More People,” The newest aftermath of the "Daddy Sperm" Project at The Breeder Gallery in Athens.

The show opens on November 9th and continues through December 23, 2023.


Phantasmagoria, as a concept, signifies the artist's interpretation of the present time, particularly in visual entertainment, where the distinction between reality and imagination becomes indistinct. Shafahi's creations venture into the world of imagination as he transforms Reza's somewhat simplistic characters into hand-sculpted faces made of flocked epoxy. These faces serve as a gateway to fantasy realms while paying homage to Iranian heritage. Within a captivating display of optical illusions, viewers are transported beyond their everyday experiences, teetering on the boundary between the magical and the unsettling. One of the artist’s signature fluorescent grids elevates the installation, which interacts with UV and white lighting to envelop the audience in a mesmerizing, non-linear frenzy. In this experience, entirely analog mediums simulate a digital environment.


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November 2, 2023
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