Group Presentation | "A Collection Part 1: b. 1916-1956": +2 [Deh-Vanak]

10 May - 5 July 2024 +2
A Group exhibition of works by a set of prominent Iranian artists born between 1916 and 1956 at +2 fereshteh and +2 dehvanak.
Installation Views
Press release

+2 presents “A Collection, Part 1: b. 1916-1956”, opening on May 10 and continuing through May 31, 2024. The exhibition is hosted at the two +2 locations in Deh-Vanak and Bidar Street. Gradually relocating its exhibitions and operations to Deh-Vanak, +2’s Bidar Street venue, which opened in February 2018, celebrates more than six years of hosting exhibitions. “A Collection”, as a series of exhibitions, is dedicated to +2’s vision of aiming to showcase and promote some of the most established forms and practices found in modern and contemporary Iranian art. 

“A Collection, Part 1” features a selection of works by a set of prominent Iranian artists born between 1917 and 1956 and developing their career approximately from the 1950s through the 1970s based on Modernist inspirations. The show is presented as an imaginary collection set up in the two locations as a lounge (Deh-Vanak) and a viewing/storage room (Bidar). It aims to thoroughly examine how a collection is enjoyed, presented, and stored. It does not claim to present the most comprehensive, definite, or complete set of artists from the period. Still, rather it aims to nurture an open conversation into a rich discourse and an exciting era in Iranian art.