Inspired by "References, Clues and Favorite Things" | Curated by Fereydoun Ave: Art Dubai 2017

12 - 18 March 2017 Art Fairs

A presentation inspired by Fereydoun Ave's project "References, Clues, and Favorite Things"

Installation Views
Press release

 Dastan is pleased to announce its third participation at ArtDubai. For ArtDubai 2017, the gallery will present a presentation inspired by Fereydoun Ave's project "References, Clues, and Favorite Things". The installation will be done in collaboration with Fereydoun Ave.

In 2013, Fereydoun Ave showcased his way of living with art by an installation/assemblage in an exhibition titled "Some of My Favorite Things" at The In-Between Space in Dubai, UAE. The installation included collectibles, furniture pieces, carpets, kelims, and artworks from his collection which he had collected during over forty years. Since 2014, Fereydoun Ave has been represented by Dastan Gallery as an artist. He has also been collaborating with the gallery as a curator, advisor, and collector. "Some of My Favorite Things" was further elaborated in the landmark exhibition "References, Clues, and Favorite Things" (2015) at Sam Art, a project by Dastan:Outside, in Tehran.

For Art Dubai 2017, Dastan is working closely again with Fereydoun Ave for the curation and design of its booth. The presentation is an installation of a number of artworks selected by Ave from Dastan's artists as well as his art collection, complimented by furniture, design elements and other 'favorite' things that he has collected over the years.

Fereydoun Ave has collected artworks by Ardeshir Mohassess almost as long as he has collected art. Dastan has had a special focus on the life and work of Ardeshir for the past five years and has arranged several programs under the umbrella of The Ardeshir Project. Hence, two books are scheduled for launch during Art Dubai 2017: "Fereydoun Ave: Designer" and "Ardeshir: Stormy Weather".

Ardeshir Mohassess (1938-2008) was one of the most prolific, influential and internationally-renowned Iranian artists of the twentieth century. Dastan's Ardeshir Project is defined as a study of the works of Ardeshir through writings, documentations, film screenings, talks and exhibitions. "Ardeshir: Stormy Weather" is the second book in the Ardeshir Project published by Dastan and includes a yearbook of the artist's life and 64 works from a period of his works known as "Ardeshir and Stormy Weather".

"Fereydoun Ave: Designer" is the first of a three-volume set of books on Ave. The book was initially launched in November 2014 during an exhibition with the same title held in Dastan's Basement and Tarahan-e-Azad Art Gallery. "Fereydoun Ave: Designer" covers Ave's work as a graphic, set, furniture, costume and interior designer, and includes parts on "Some of My Favorite Things". The book will be relaunched during Art Dubai 2017 both to honor the collaborations with the artist and as a reference to the presentation's background.