Gagosian Team Up with Jeffrey Deitch for Miami Art Week 2022

FAD Magazine
"100 Years" is the title of 2022 Miami Art Week. Fad Magazine reports on Gagosian's cooperation with Jeffrey Deitch for the Art Week, which "focuses on artists who recognize the critical nature of a period that has witnessed sweeping social and cultural change while alluding to the innate ephemerality of human life and memory." The theme is follow up on the previous instalments of Gagosian and Deitch's joint project – The Extreme Present (2019) and The Future (2020) – both of which explored the interplay of past, present, and future through contemporary works. A painting of Hoda Kashiha ("Two Methods for Separating Sun from Flower", 2022) and a sculpture of Homa Delvaray (Pickaxe from Khâsh series, 2022) are mentioned as works that touch upon absurdities of life today and our relationship with Time. Two works by Dastan artist Mamali Shafahi ("The Pink Snow", 2021; "The Watcher", 2021) were also among "100 Years". To read the full article, click here.
December 29, 2022
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