Hoda Kashiha's Paintings Evoke the Space of the Screen

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In "Hoda Kashiha’s Paintings Evoke the Space of the Screen" (artnews.com), Mahan Moalemi writes on the works of Dastan's Hoda Kashiha. The article covers several exhibitions of the artist, starting with "Rabbiting in the Hunting Ground" (2019) and "My sincere love to Kazimir Malevich, Black on Black" (2020) at Galerie Nathalie Obadia, as well as "In Appreciation of Blinking" (2021) at Parallel Circuit in Tehran, where Kashiha's painting were displayed on moveable carts "holding the paintings at an oblique angle, so that when viewers entered the gallery, the vignetted images appeared to recede into space. Despite the suggestion of a sequence, there is no particular order to the paintings’ arrangement, which is shuffled each time the work is shown. Exemplifying the current phase of Kashiha’s practice, the installation sarcastically presents a stylized reality that shapeshifts from one blink to the next.". For more information click here.

May 4, 2022
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