Yasaman Nozari Iranian, b. 1991


Yasaman Nozari (b. 1991, Tehran) is a Painting graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran. Currently living and working in Tehran, she began her artistic practice in 2015.

Yasaman Nozari's practice involves exploring the potential of abstraction in pursuit of meaning by establishing a relationship between ideas and forms. She assesses the non-substantial and formal values in a practice based on the study of abstraction in art and art history, specifically painting.

Her paintings have been previously featured in three solo shows and several group exhibitions. Her solo exhibitions are:
“In Motion” at Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, 2020 |“Swinging” at Pirsook Gallery, Shiraz, 2019 |“The Hum” at Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, 2017. Some of the group shows she participated in include “Joy of Painting” at Dastan’s Basement, Tehran, 2021 | “Episode 4”, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, 2019 | “Badha” at Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, 2018 | “An instant mark: on painting”, Knack gallery, Tehran, 2018.