Yasaman Nozari | "The Sun Kept Setting": Dastan's Basement

7 - 28 July 2023 The Basement
A solo exhibition of works by Yasaman Nozari
Installation Views
Press release

Dastan's Basement shows "The Sun Kept Setting," a solo presentation of works by Yasaman Nozari. The exhibition opens on Friday, July 7, 2023, and will be on display for public viewing until July 28, 2023. Yasaman Nozari (b. 1991, Tehran) is a Painting graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tehran. Nozari has had collaborations with Dastan, including one solo exhibition ("In Motion," Dastan's Basement, Tehran, 2020) and a group exhibition ("The Joy of Painting," Dastan's Basement, Tehran, 2022)

Yasaman Nozari's current exhibition delves into the fundamental principles of image creation, inviting the viewer to contemplate the act of seeing through a painterly lens. As an impressionist does with the constant light change, she questions the layers that form the image. By juxtaposing painting with reality, Nozari challenges conventional notions of perception.

Nozari creates landscapes that each portray various times of the day throughout the show. In her landscapes, Nozari deliberately omits the horizon, opting for compositions that mirror the volatile and tumultuous nature of our living experiences. She is easily inspired by the weather, art, music, or even the sociopolitical upheavals and applies them all in her paintings.

Throughout her work, Nozari frequently confronts dichotomies, seeking to portray the interplay between opposing ideas. However, these divergent concepts are not always at odds with each other; at times, they undergo a transformative fusion, while in other instances, one overpowers the other. This constant interplay results in a delicate equilibrium where opposing forces balance harmoniously.

Yasaman Nozari has exhibited her works in "Swinging" at Pirsook Gallery, Shiraz, 2019 | "The Hum" at Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, 2017. Works of Nozari have appeared in group shows such as "Episode 04" at Mohsen Gallery, Tehran, 2019 | "Badha" at Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, 2018 | "An Instant Mark: On Painting," Knack Gallery, Tehran, 2018 | "Running toward Dreams," Sugar Gallery, Arkansas 2016.