Aidin Xankeshipour Iranian, b. 1981


b. 1981. Rasht, Iran



2009. MFA. Illustration. Tehran, Iran
2007. MFA. Painting. Tehran, Iran
2005. BFA. Painting. Tehran, Iran



Permanent Member of Painting Association
2015 - Attending the Research Committee of Tehran Ninth Art Biennale, Selected by Biennale Council of Decision Making
2015 - Attending the Council of Tehran Ninth Art Biennale Decision Making, Selected by the Society of Iran's Painters
2009 - Founding Member of Mess Professional Atelier



Solo Exhibitions

2018. "Ta'm Toum'ze". V Gallery. A Dastan:Outside Project. Tehran, Iran

2014. Dastan’s Basement. Tehran, Iran

2011. Haft Samar Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2009. Golestan Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2008 Seyhoun Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2007. Golestan Art Gallery Tehran, Iran


Group Exhibitions
2015. Sam Art. A Project by Dastan:Outside the Basement. Tehran, Iran
2014. Hoor Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2014. Dey Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012. Elahe Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2011. Atbin Art Gallery Tehran, Iran
2011. Hoor Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2008. Selected New Generation Exhibition. Niavaran Palace, Tehran, Iran
2007. Asar Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2007. Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2006 to 2015. Participating in More than 50 Drawing. Printmaking and Painting Group Exhibitions in Homa, Shirin, Arya, Hoor, Dastan’s Basement, dey, Elahe art gallery, Iranian Contemporary Art Museum and …


2016. Not Art Gallery. Porsesh Institute, Tehran, Iran
2015. O Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2013. Etemad Art gallery. Tehran, Iran
2013. Elahe Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2013. Shirin Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012. Arya Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2011 - Hoor Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran



And Generating Idea and Inviting Artists in 8 projects in Dastan’s Basement, Arya, Hoor, Elahe, Vista art gallery and …