Rana Dehghan Iranian, b. 1986

Rana Dehghan (b. 1986, Tehran, Iran) is a sculptor and painter living and working in Tehran. She received her BA in Painting from Azad University of Tehran.
The art of Rana Dehghan investigates the made-up and the real after "the death of objects". In her view, objects fall out of their "product" status after some time to become "matter" again. She removes and alters objects from the "common world of images" to use them as tools for self-expression. Despite alterations, deformations and augmentations, these objects stay connected to their origins through clues left by the artist and they defy their normal state as much as they defy definitions since they are outside of their intended state of purpose.
Rana Dehghan has held three solo shows and participated in a number of group exhibitions, including Asia Art Week (Dubai, 2019), “Opening” (Abi Gallery, 2016), “Punishment” (Delgosha Gallery, 2017), and “Eat My Fear, Chew My Name” (Delgosha Gallery, 2018).

1986 Born in Tehran, Iran


2001. Graphic design degree from Soureh Art School, Tehran

2005. Computer-aided graphic design, College of Applied Sciences, Tehran

2008. Prior's Field School, Godalming town, England

2009. Completed her B.F.A, Bharati Vidyapeeth's College of Fine Arts, Pune, India

2015. Obtained a B.F.A. degree from faculty of arts and architecture, Azad University, Tehran

2013. Group show, Siin Gallery, Tehran

2014. Group show, Abi Gallery, Tehran

2014. Collaborative project, "Dream Catcher", Prince Claus Foundation, Amsterdam

2015. Collaborative project, "In Cahoots: An Open Studio", Bita Fayyazi Workshop

2015. Group show, "Imago Mundi", Luciano Benetton Collection, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice

2015. Group show, "Merci Poesi: 10th Gothenburg International Poetry Festival", Sweden

2015. Group show, "Untitled", Haft-Samar Art Gallery, Tehran

2015. Untitled 2015

2016. Group show, "Art for Autism", Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran

2016. Group show, "Versus Festival", Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran

2016. Collaborative project, "Across the Lines", Niavaran Cultural Centre, Iranian Urban Art House

2016. Group show, "Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity", The Rubelle & Norman Schafler Gallery, The Pratt Institute, Brooklyn

2016. Solo show, "Opening", Abi Gallery, Tehran

2017. Solo show, "Punishment", Delgosha Gallery, Tehran

2020. Group show, "New Drawings", Soo Contemporary, Tehran

2020. Group show, "Resemblance", Soo Contemporary, Tehran

2020. Bita Fayyazi et al. (in.cahoot), "The Dinosaur Lost Her Bearings", Dastan Outside Projects, Tehran

2021. Group show, "Farsi & The Farsi Ghoul", Delgosha Gallery, Tehran

2021. Group show, "Nature of Things", +2 Gallery, Tehran

2022. Solo show, "Spirit", Delgosha Gallery, Tehran

2022. Group show, "In My Beginning Is My End", Non Gallery Space, Tehran