Yousha Bashir Iranian, b. 1989


Yousha Bashir (b. 1989) is an artist living and working in Tehran, Iran. Bashir received a BFA in visual arts from Farhangian University of Tehran. His artistic practice ranges from painting and sculpture to installations and site-specific works. Bashir's works oscillate between abstraction and figuration and the key concepts which tie most of his works together are deconstruction, duality and suspension.
The "self" and how it is separated from the real world is one of the main explorations in Bashir's works. His works are often made up of figures - sometimes self-portraits - and utopian/ dystopian abstract landscapes. Bashir has a continuous dialogue with his previous works; his new works are often recycled ideas and explorations from his earlier works driven towards new directions.
Bashir's recent works are a continuation of his focus on abstract landscapes, framed within
more extensive landscapes, creating a new perspective and challenging the idea of the
painting's solid framework. Through these works, Bashir explores the relationship between the digital realm and the painting itself as a physical entity. The landscapes in his work examine the translation of images through the digital realm into the canvas and vice versa.