Satellite Fairs in Basel: Our Favorite Booths

Le Quotidien de l'Art

In an article published by "Le Quotidien de l'Art," Dastan’s presentation at Liste 2023 is reviewed. Dastan showcased the works of Rana Dehghan and Yousha Bashir, according to the article, “offering visitors a glimpse into a futuristic realm”. Despite their futuristic aesthetics, the artworks delve into themes of spirituality and introspection. Rana Dehghan's fiber-glass sculptures portray sympathetic silver ghosts, providing a humorous and light-hearted representation of the soul's manifestations. Yousha Bashir, on the other hand, creates virtual landscapes by projecting and painting digital images onto canvas. By exploring the relationship between frame and space, Bashir initiates a contemplative journey between the digital and physical worlds. Notably, Rana Dehghan's sculptures have already found a place in an Australian public collection, while Yousha Bashir's pieces have caught the attention of private collectors.

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June 16, 2023
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