Pooya Aryanpour Iranian, b. 1971


Pooya Aryanpour (b. 1971, Tehran, Iran) is an artist, art instructor, and university lecturer based in Tehran. He studied Painting at Azad University of Tehran, where he obtained his MA in 1999. He has curator shows over the past three decades.

Pooya Aryanpour has made use of mirrors in his sculptures since the 2000s, a practice made popular by artist Monir Farmanfarmaian in the early 1970s. Aryanpour's studies of Qajar (19th-20th centuries) mirror-works have given his work a reflective character. His work may be considered interactive and conceptual as some fleetingly reflect the images of their viewers. Large size sculptures are covered with tiny mirrors that change color with a shift in light or position, multiplying what they reflect. The plurality of images thus proliferated has a spiritual dimension – mirror-works are used in places of worship throughout Iran. The muliplicity of images shatters the individual's ego to arrive at a devotional unity.

His work has been extensively exhibited, both in Iran and at international biennials, gallery shows, art fairs, and institutional exhibitions, namely sculpture biennial in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (2017) | Sophia Contemporary Gallery (London, 2016) | "Gone with the Wind" (Kahrizad Sugar Factory, Tehran, 2022).