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Selections Art Magazine

Selections Art Magazine has put together a list of 17 galleries that have participated at Art Dubai 2024. Each highlighted a work in their booth and offered a closer look to the piece and the artist. Dastan Gallery showed Pooya Aryanpour's Untitled (2024), sculpture.

"Pooya Aryanpour has shown keen interest in waves and curves throughout his career. In his Untitled 140 x 161 x 38 cm sculpture (2024), Aryanpour is showing us a protean three-dimensional form imbued with a fluidity derived not only from its form but in association with the tiny coloured mirrors pieced together to refract light. It is a flag that strives to free itself of the bounds of matter. The kiln-fired dyed glass, mirror fragments shapeshift with the viewer, who moves around it to see what the form presents in its different facets."

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March 6, 2024
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