Arash Hanaei featured in "Return from the Present"

The Lambert Collection in collaboration with POUSH

The Lambert Collection in Avignon and POUSH collaborate to present "Return from the Present," an exhibition showcasing works from thirty-eight artists affiliated with the vibrant artistic community of Grand Paris. 

A work of Arash Hanaei is presented in the show that opened on February 10  and will continue through May 12, 2024.


Spanning the contemporary art center of Lambert and the collective artistic hub of POUSH, the exhibition serves as an observational tool, resonating with diverse artistic expressions. The creations, originating from the dynamic workshops of POUSH in Aubervilliers, outline a pluralistic French art scene attuned to global complexities. Addressing creation, production, and inclusive exhibition practices, the exhibition offers a journey through various climates, challenging perceptions of our relationship with the world.

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March 6, 2024
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