Taba Fajrak (b. 1989, Tehran, Iran) and Shokoofeh Khoramroodi (b. 1988, Hamedan, Iran) are an artist duo based in Tehran, Iran. They began working together in 2016 after meeting during a collaborative urban art project at Niavaran Cultural Center. The duo’s collaborative effort started with an interest in the representations of the self in art, which is reflected in the omnipresent imagery of their own figures in their pieces. Implicit in their work is the idea that self-reflexivity and performativity of the artist’s life and artistic conventions tend to be original sources of creation. Trying to defy any neat categorization in their work, they believe that everyday life is a potential subject matter for art. They have depicted and recorded themselves in their pictures and videos, narrating the stories and their experiences as they work together as a duo. Discerning between interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice, the duo’s project is to make use of different techniques and media to form an interconnected body of work which encompass a wide range from animation, video, live and recorded performances to paintings, illustrations and three-dimensional large-scale installations.

Shokoofeh khoramroodi (b. 1988, Hamedan, Iran) is a painter, drawing and animation artist. She studied Painting at the Faculty of Arts & Architecture (Azad University, Tehran) and Yazd Faculty of Art & Architecture. In her work she mostly focuses on drawing and illustration with a careful consideration of form and painting technique and an emphasis on the luminosity of Persian Miniature pallets.

Taba Fajrak (b. 1989, Tehran, Iran) is a performance artist, dancer, and researcher. She is a graduate of English Language and Literature from the University of Tehran. She continued her studies in nonsense literature and non-verbal performance, obtaining a master’s degree in English Literature from Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran). Her works revolves around the expressive potentiality of body in the broadest sense of the word: from the physical body of an artist to the micropolitics behind its social interactions and representations.