Nariman Farrokhi Iranian, b. 1985


Nariman Farrokhi (b. 1985, Tehran, Iran) is a self-taught artist. He mixes what he observes through the use of simple materials and techniques. Confining himself to written language and gestures as means of communication, Nariman Farrokhi has used actual texts in many of his past works. This approach has gradually resulted in the development of a unique visual alphabet, i.e. writing system, that appear like hieroglyphs.

Works of Nariman Farrokhi have appeared in many group exhibitions with Dastan:Outside Projects, including "The Dinosaur Has Lost Her Bearings" (Parallel Circuit, 2021); "Modern-Contemporary" (V-Gallery, 2018), "Nature at Work" (Manouchehri House in Kashan, 2018); "Update 5.0" (V-Gallery, 2017); "Year in Review" (Sam Art, 2014), as well as "Update" (+2, 2015); "Inside/Outside" (Dastan's Basement, 2014). Also two solo exhibitions titled "Daily Wander" (Maryam Faish Harandi Gallery, 2012); "Chromatic" (+2, 2021). The artist's works have also appeared at Artissima Art Fair ("Page 1 of 1", solo presentation in the Present/Future Section, Turin, Italy, 2018) and at Art Dubai (UAE, 2019).