Maryam Eivazi Iranian, b. 1980


Maryam Eivazi (b. 1980, Tehran) is an abstract painter who lives and works in the city of Karaj, Iran. Having graduated from the Arts and Architecture University with a BA in Painting (2006) and an MA in Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (2012), she moved to Italy in 2012 to study MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna (2014).

Maryam Eivazi is best known for her lyrical use of colors and forms in creating abstract images and sculptures. She defines abstract painting as the "experience of freedom". Her work contains immersive, abstract scenes covered with organic forms, everyday objects, and fragmented human body parts. Eivazi incorporates geometrical shapes, which she describes as “abstract symbols”, whereby forms have been achieved by expressive brush strokes that are combined with pastel tones that cover her surfaces. For Eivazi, the process of painting is an experimental journey within the technical as well as her mystical world of image creation.

Maryam Eivazi received her MA from the University of Bologna (Italy, 2018). Her works have been showcased in numerous group exhibitions and art fairs worldwide, including Clemens Gunzer Gallery (Wörthersee, Austria, 2022) and Art Dubai 2022 (Dubai, UEA), both presented by Dastan Gallery. Her solo exhibition, "Latent Inhibition", was held at Dastan’s +2 in 2021. Her other solo exhibitions include: "Sometimes Something’s" (Albanese Arte Gallery December. Matera, Italy, 2019); "Stickers Series" (Galleria Alessandro Albanese. Milan, 2019); Accent of Line (O Art Gallery, Tehran, 2018); "No other way" (Jorjani Art Gallery. Tehran, 2015); "Untitled" (Jorjani Art Gallery. Tehran, 2014). Her Selected Group Exhibitions
include "Status" (Tom Christoffersen. Copenhagen, 2019); "The Iranian Connection" (Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, 2019); "Identity" (Jorjani Art Gallery. Tehran, 2016); "There is More" (Sales Art Gallery. Tehran, 2016); Group Exhibition at Open Tour Bologna. Bologna, Italy, 2015; "Untitled" (Jorjani Art Gallery. Tehran, 2015) and her art fair representations include Artissima Art Fair (2021. Turin, Italy); Fiac Online Viewing Rooms (2021); South South Veza (Online Vewing Room, 2021); Teer Art Fair Online 2020.