"HORMOZ HEMATIAN & ASHKAN ZAHRAEI, Electric Room, art under high tension"

Anahita's Eye

Anahita's Eye has recently published an interview with Hormoz Hematian and Ashkan Zahraei discussing the 50-project long program of Electric Room (in EN, FR, DE). Click here to read it in full.


From the article: "Hormoz Hematian, founder and director of Dastan Gallery, one of the edgiest art spaces in the Iranian capital focusing on contemporary art, and his friend Ashkan Zahraei, Dastan’s curator and communication manager, travel constantly between Tehran and the most important art fairs around the world to promote the work of their artists and to develop international collaborations.

These two workaholics and unconditional art lovers have a thousand creative ideas in mind, are not afraid of any challenge and have launched “Electric Room” in 2017, which is certainly one of the craziest, most intense and ambitious art projects that makes Tehran a true reservoir of creativity and one of the most interesting and dynamic spots for contemporary art."

December 11, 2018
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