"Mossavar-Nameh": Art Dubai 2018

21 - 24 March 2018 Art Fairs

A Dastan Project
Art Dubai 2018
Booth C2

Curatorial Team: Hormoz Hematian, Aria Kasaei, Ashkan Zahraei
Concept: Hormoz Hematian
Booth Design: StudioKargah — Aria Kasaei
Structure Design and Production: Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh
Executive Consultant: Marco Djermaghian
Associate Curator and Coordinator: Roxana Afkhami


At Art Dubai 2018, Dastan presents its most recent incarnation of Mossavar-Nameh (lit. ‘Book of Illustration’) at Booth C2. Works by twentieth- and twenty-first-century Iranian masters Ardeshir Mohassess, Fereydoun Ave, Ali Akbar Sadeghi, Farshid Maleki, Farah Ossouli, and Nicky Nodjoumi are presented along with pieces by more contemporary Iranian artists, including Pouya Afshar, Shahriar Ahmadi, Mohsen Ahmadvand, Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh, Mélodie Hojabr, Amin Montazeri, Peybak, Kour Pour, and Iman Raad, and complemented by a number of paintings from nineteenth-century Iran.
The current presentation of Mossavar-Nameh, which literally translates to ‘Book of Images’, has been inspired by the idea of binding the project into a book, and has been long in the making. This iteration of Mossavar-Nameh has been curated by Hormoz Hematian, Aria Kasaei, and Ashkan Zahraei. The concept was introduced by Hormoz Hematian, the structure designed and produced by artist Mohammad Hossein Gholamzadeh, and the visual identity and graphical elements designed by celebrated Iranian designer and StudioKargah’s co-founder and co-director, Aria Kasaei.