Nasrin Maleksabet | "In Silent Expanse": Dastan's Basement

31 May - 21 June 2024 The Basement
A solo exhibiotion of works by Nasrin Maleksabet at Dastan's Basement.
Installation Views
Press release
Dastan's Basement announces “In Silent Expanse”, a solo exhibition of works by Nasrin Maleksabet (b. 1981, Tehran, Iran), opening on May 31 and continuing through June 21, 2024. “In Silent Expanse,” marks her fourth collaboration with Dastan Gallery after being presented in Art Dubai for two consecutive years in 2023 and 2024. Her last exhibition, “Com-pilation”, was held at +2 with Fariba Boroufar in 2022.
"In Silent Expanse" presents us with eight cavernous, illusory scenes. The use of colored threads, glued onto canvas, takes us beyond a visual experience to a sensual dimension where we get in touch with a profound, dust-covered, and weary silence. Hollowed and protruded spaces, the cracks on the walls, take us, layer by layer into a silent, abandoned expanse.
Nasrin Maleksabet (b. 1981, Yazd, Iran) graduated in Yazd in Material ِEngineering (2004). In her first solo exhibition in 2006, she showcased her ceramics collection. In the second solo show (2012) Maleksabet incorporated colored threads in her canvases. She prepared her pallet with threads instead of paint tubes and used overlapping threads, condensing the thread, and gluing it on the canvas in her paintings.