Dana Jafari | "In Front of the Back Wall": Dastan's Basement

1 - 15 March 2024 The Basement

A Solo Exhibition of Works by Dana Jafari at Dastan's Basement


Artist's Statement

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Press release

Dastan's Basement announces “In Front of the Back Wall,” a solo exhibition of works by Dana Jafari (b. 1992, Tehran, Iran), opening on March 1 and continuing through March 15, 2024. “In Front of the Back Wall” marks her first collaboration with Dastan Gallery. 

The collection "In Front of the Back Wall" by Dana Jafari employs a more abstract and summarized tone than her previous collections. This abridged language allows her to create a structure and system of organization and categorization in two and three dimensions. Informed by the artist's academic training in sculpture, Dana's work flows between three-dimensional and flat forms. Her designs and paintings expand the surface and frame in space, and her volumes imagine two-dimensional surfaces. Jafari's artistic practice is interconnected; each collection is a prelude and foundation for shaping the next. This is also evident in the title of each series of his works – "Blue Wall of the Valley" (2019), "Inside the Wall” (2022), and "In Front of the Back Wall" (2024). In each collection, the artist's encounter with the wall changes. In her current collection, the walls advance to break their two-dimensional frame, and the paintings take on volume with folds and creases of paper. 

Dana Jafari (b. 1992, Tehran, Iran) is an artist who works in various mediums and lives and works in Tehran. She graduated with a BA in Sculpture from Tehran’s University of Art in 2018. She had her first solo, “The Bruised Wall of Valley,” at O Gallery, Tehran, in 2019. Her work has also been a part of the group show “In-Between,” exhibited at Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, in 2016.