Mehran Mohajer | "The Syntax of Effacement": +2

16 February - 8 March 2024 +2
A solo exhibition of works by Mehran Mohajer +2 Gallery.
Installation Views
Press release

+2 is proud to announce “The Syntax of Effacement", the latest solo exhibition by Mehran Mohajer, opening Friday, February 16, 2024, and on view through March 8, 2024. “The Syntax of Effacement" is the artist's 4th solo with +2 following "Between & Non-between" (2017), "Air of Land" (2018-19), and "Scaffolding" (2020).

Mehran Mohajer is captivated by the relationship between the camera and the act of seeing. The locus of our visual attention is borne by a field interposed by obstructions, byroads, flank views, and blurs. Mohajer's camera ensures that his viewer is confronted with what is surpassed in the act of seeing. What intrudes in his frames can be a pair of fingers ("Between and Non-Between", 2017), a fist, a sheet of glass ("The Present Past", 2017), letters of the alphabet, or the misty blur from a slow exposure ("Air of the Land", 2019). Whatever the obstructions, the photographer brings an embodied presence to the frame. Some point to "no-thing" ("Scaffolding", 2021). He pays attention to the dynamics of the language of the camera and challenges its boundaries. “The Syntax of Effacement" (2024) continues with his interest in the linguistics of the photographic image – what it hides in the process of revealing.

Mehran Mohajer (b. 1964, Tehran, Iran) is a photographer who teaches Photography at the University of Tehran. He is an essaying and translator working and living in Tehran. He holds a BA in Photography (1990) and an MA in General Linguistics (1994) from the University of Tehran. He has translated and authored several books on literary criticism and photography, including a collection of essays, "Vaqt-e Aks" (“The Moment of Photograph", Tehran: Agah Publishing, 2020).