Saman Khosravi | "Harder than Rock, Softer than Sand": Dastan's Basement

24 November - 15 December 2023 The Basement
A Solo Exhibition of works by Saman Khosravi
Installation Views
Press release

Dastan's Basement announces “Harder than Rock, Softer than Sand”, a solo exhibition of works by Saman Khosravi (b. 1987) opening on November 24, 2023 and continuing through December 15. This is the artist’s second collaboration with Dastan following “Shared Genes” (Electric Room, Dastan:Outside Projects, January 2016). 

In “Harder than Rock, Softer than Sand”, the artist aims to reflect on the repetitive nature of historical events and their profound impact on individuals, emphasizing the futile attempt to disrupt this recurring pattern. The analogy of a stone lodged in the ear suggests a relentless influence that cannot easily be removed. The artist writes, “My story isn't one based on harmony but rather a melody: repetitive and tedious –like the first murder in history, a brother killing a brother, perhaps a place where all of our generations return. The impact of that hit echoes and will continue to echo in each of our skulls. The scene changes, but its elements do not. My process, my installation is perhaps an attempt, maybe futile, to disrupt a rhythm and remove the stone lodged in our ears.”