Sepehr Hajiabadi | "Qamar": Dastan's Basement

25 August - 15 September 2023 The Basement
'Qamar' a Solo Exhibition of Works by Sepehr Hajiabadi at Dastan's Basement 2023.
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Press release

Dastan's Basement presents "Qamar", a solo exhibition of paintings by Sepehr Hajiabadi, opening on August 25, 2023, and on view through September 15, 2023. Following his 'Teieb' series exhibited in Dastan’s Basement 2020 at the Basement, this marks Hajiabadi's second solo exhibition. 

The current show delves into a unique character, the celebrated Iranian singer Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri (1905-59), much like how the artist’s previous exhibition explored the character Tayyib Haj-Rezaei. Hajiabadi aims to explore an era’s essence through such an approach by studying a prominent character of the age. 

Accompanying the exhibition is a booklet, “Mandatory Proposal: Guide to Being Qamar”. This guide, akin to the previous one, aids in exploring the show and the artist’s vision of Qamar as a historical character. It sheds light on diverse aspects of the character's life, bridging the gap between the artist's intent and the audience’s interpretation. 

Hajiabadi weaves a metaphorical narrative in his artistic practice, transcending words to reveal deeper possibilities rather than choosing a specific topic. This approach infuses his works with cultural and historical discourses, creating profound implications and allusions. 

Born in Tehran in 1992 and residing in Karaj, Hajiabadi's works reflect the city's socio-economic diversity. A former member of the Eastern Whistle Group, his work has been featured in numerous exhibitions in Iran.