Behjat Sadr: Time Suspended: Asia Now 2022

20 - 23 October 2022 Art Fairs
Behjat Sadr: Time Suspended
A Film By Mitra Farahani

Asia Now 2022, booth S09

Presented by +2 Gallery

Installation Views
Press release

+2 Gallery presents “Behjat Sadr: Time Suspended” by Mitra Farahani (b. 1975) about the life and work of Behjat Sadr (1924 – 2009). +2’s original presentation intended for Asia Now was altered to highlight Mitra Farahani’s portrait of Behjat Sadr. Whether in her life or in her career, Behjat Sadr was an example of courage and conviction. She showed a future generation of artists how to place their minds and visions beyond geography as well as orthodoxy and open to new vistas. Behjat Sadr is today considered one of the most important figures of modern art in Iran.