Niki Fallahfar | "Noah's Ark": Dastan's Basement

26 August - 23 September 2022 The Basement
A solo presentation of works by Niki Fallahfar at Dastan's Basement.
Installation Views
Press release
astan's Basement presents a new collection of works by Niki Fallahfar titled "Noah's Ark". This is Fallahfar's first solo exhibition and her first collaboration with Dastan's Basement. "Noah's Ark" will open Friday, August 26, 2022 and shall be on view until Friday September 16. The exhibition features paintings and drawings done by acrylic, color pencil and watercolor pencil on cardboard.
Paintings of Niki Fallahfar trace a personal world defined by everyday activities of the artist and her imagination. Human beings, animals, and natural elements play the main role in her frames. They appear on the surface of the work through their interaction with each other and the use of collage on the white surface of the work. One element is always dominant in a power struggle. These works invite the viewer to follow the storyline but they provide only fragments of the story. These are fragments that have their roots in self-portrait photographs of Fallahfar and photographs of her personal space, fused together in the process of creation. Elimination of spatial characteristics and the use of flat colors, connect these fragments. The relationship between humans and animal became significant with Covid-19. In the isolation imposed by social distancing mandates, other creature unconsciously slipped into the artist's unconscious. "Noah's Ark" offers fragments of the artist's life to create a space for the creation of a fantasy world. 
Niki Fallahfar (b. 1997) studied sculpture at Tehran University of Art. She started her professional activities in 2020 with a group exhibition at Delgosha Gallery. Since then her works have been featured in group exhibitions in “Selections Magazine” (2021), Etemad Gallery (2021), O Gallery (2021), Supermarket Artfair via Paadmaan (2021), Asia Art Fair via +2 (2021) and Bavan Gallery (2022).