Mohsen Fouladpour | "Review": +2

14 - 28 January 2022 +2

A solo presentation of works by Mohsen Fouladpour at +2.

Press release

+2 is proud to present Mohsen Fouladpour's latest series "Review" staring Friday January 14 to Friday January 28, 2022. This collection constitutes a review of the artist’s practice for the past two decades, tied as they are to the momentous events of the last few years. Sixteen ceramic pieces are showcased in this exhibition, and all of them are single editions, because the artist believes each of them to be unique as a human being is.

The artist's colorful reaction to the contemporary dark world is embodied in detail-filled sculptures. Fouladpour considers his works reflecting his life -- his beliefs, incidents, fears, and joys – and in these glazed ceramics the artist explores his inner world. The artist’s sculptures tell a succinct tale that dissolves like a visual experience. The Cypress and the Demon are personal myths wrapped in fragile bodies, so polished that they slip straight to the point. Fouladpour’s approach to his sculptures appears painterly. Textures are delicately depicted and they sometimes precede their forms. It can be said that Fouladpour has found a language in clay that balances memory and nature.

Mohsen Fouladpour (b. 1981, Tehran) began his artistic career at Sooreh School of Art in 1995 in Painting. Along with painting and drawing, he began to make wooden sculptures on his own. He was then admitted to Tehran University of Arts in 2001. He began his professional career in 2006. He has held many solo and group exhibitions. He has been teaching in universities and school of arts since 2005.