Sepehr Hajiabadi | "Teieb": Dastan's Basement

17 September - 1 October 2021 The Basement

A solo presentation of works by Sepehr Hajiabadi at Dastan's Basement.

Press release

Dastan's Basement presents "Teieb" by Sepehr Hajiabadi, opening Friday, September 17, 2021 and on view until October 1, 2021. "Teieb" is the artist's first solo show at Dastan's Basement and it includes paintings done in oil on canvas and acrylic ink on photographic paper.
The artist will also showcase a book, "Mandatory Offers (Guide for Being Teieb)", for this exhibition.
The focus of the artist in the current collection, which took him two years to complete, is on the historical figure of Teieb Hajrezaii, who was a prominent member of a network of mob/plebian leaders ("Luti/Laat") among the lower classes in the 1950s and 60s Tehran. Through Teieb, the artist evaluates socio-political issues within an artistic frame. As he puts it, bringing attention to Teieb Hajrezaii "can clarify facets of our contemporary history which have been neglected." The ethos of a plebian leader/mob can show us fresh viewpoints and shine light on seemingly recurring historical events. In "Mandatory offers (Guide for Being Teieb)" the artist creates an equivalent for the life of Teieb so that the viewer can sympathize with his character.
Sepehr Hajiabadi (b. 1992, Tehran) lives in the sprawl of Karaj. Figures and portraits – painted in a contrasting color palette and harsh lights – depict an anxious and surreal setting. The artist believes that living in the city of Karaj, where socio-economically diverse neighborhoods juxtapose, has helped shape his view of plebian leaders like Teieb Hajrezaii. Sepehr Hajiabadi is a member of Eastern Whistle Group and has held several exhibitions throughout Iran. His last cooperation with Dastan's Basement was in a group exhibition, "Face, Visage, Looks: Online Exhibition" in 2020.