Fereydoun Ave | "A Season of Work": Dastan+2 and Dastan's Basement

11 April - 30 May 2020 +2, The Basement

Every year, after the new year holidays, Dastan has an extensive exhibition of Fereydoun Ave’s works. This exceptional year where such an exhibition is impossible, Dastan Gallery and Fereydoun Ave have decided to launch a virtual exhibition. As long as the epidemic lasts, the exhibitions will take on a similar solution.

"A Season of Work" includes two series of works: "Decorations for the Narrow Dark Corridors" and "The Bitterness of Old Age", a combination of mixed media works on paper and canvas, and 3D printed pieces. These series are presented in digital showrooms simulating the physical experience of walking through Dastan+2 and the Basement.

This inclusive exhibition follows Fereydoun Ave's stream of consciousness in different locations from summer to autumn 2019 accompanied by a podcast hosted by Sohrab Mahdavi suggesting a method of observation of the artworks. Fereydoun Ave sees “Decorations for the Narrow Dark Corridors”, as “a purely a decorative reaction” to “The Bitterness of Old Age”. A selection of works from "The Bitterness of Old Age" was previously presented in Condo Unit Athens 2019 at The Breeder (Athens, Greece). The background music to the online viewing room of this series has been chosen by the artist. The piece is called ‘Piano Improvisation (Live)" by Peyman Yazdanian from the album ‘Tame’ (Peyman Yazdanian and Hesam Inanlou, Hermes Records).

Fereydoun Ave (b. 1945, Tehran, Iran) is one of the most influential individuals in Iranian contemporary art and his prolific efforts have taken diverse aspects. He received his BA in Applied Arts for Theatre from Arizona State University, studied film at New York University, and studied at the University of Seven Seas (aka Semester at Sea). During his career, which spans over five decades, he has successfully taken many different roles including artist, designer, art director, collector, curator, gallerist and art patron. His artworks have been featured in many solo exhibitions along with hundreds of group-shows in galleries and museums all around the world. As well as being purchased by many notable private collectors, Ave's work has been acquired by prestigious art institutions including The British Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, Cy Twombly Foundation and Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA).