Tooloo Naseri | "The Side Road": Dastan's basement

19 July - 2 August 2019 The Basement

A Solo Presentation of Works by Tooloo Naseri

Installation Views
Press release


Dastan is pleased to announce Tooloo Naseri's exhibition titled "Sideroad" at Dastan's Basement. The exhibition will open on Friday, July 19, 2019, and will be open for public viewing through August 2, 2019. This is Tooloo Naseri's first exhibition at Dastan. 

Tooloo Naseri (b. 1985, Tehran, Iran) is a graduate of photography from Faculty of Art and Architecture of Islamic Azad University Tehran and has studied art and painting under Bobak Etminani. 

For her works, Naseri gains inspiration from both her observations and her memories. 

As she considers painting a "process", her final work results from constant experiencing and experimenting, which results in an altered version of her initial idea and experience. 

By incorporating man, nature, and animal in her paintings, Tooloo Naseri creates a peculiar yet familiar world, a world in which the border between reality and fantasy and outside and inside is hardly visible. 

As Naseri says: "in this world, nothing is where it's supposed to be." 

"Sideroad" is Tooloo Naseri latest series of works.