Ghasemi Brothers | "Blue Room": Dastan:Outside | V-Gallery

23 February - 9 March 2018 Dastan:Outside

An exhibition of solo and collaborative works by Ghasemi Brothers

Installation Views
Press release

Dastan is pleased to announce “Blue Room” an exhibition of solo and collaborative works by Ghasemi Brothers at V-Gallery (A Dastan:Outside Project). The exhibition will be open for public viewing from February 23 through March 9, 2018. The exhibition, featuring a large number of collaborative works, along with a handful of solo works, is the second presentation by Morteza, Sina, and Mojtaba Ghasemi Sheelsar at Dastan. In addition to their solo exhibitions at the Basement, their collaborative work was previously featured in “Red Room” (Dastan’s Basement, July 2016). Moreover, in April 2017, Roya Khadjavi Projects hosted “Red Room 2: Migratory Birds” in New York’s Elga Wimmer Gallery.
Following a collaboration for Reza Aramesh’s “Centrefold Project” where the trio worked on a single artwork together, the brothers decided to work on a series of collaborative works which were shown in “Red Room” at Dastan’s Basement. In “Red Room”, each work started with a different experience, but despite the experimental approach, the end result was an integrated whole. Work on the current series of works, “Blue Room”, started immediately after “Red Room”. In their previous collaboration, the trio worked freely and without thematic or technique-related limits, making it possible for all their ideas to be expressed. This approach unleashed their potentials and showed the way for future work. “Red Room” created a discourse for shared themes and experiences, causing the three brothers to focus more on shared subjects and techniques.
“Blue Room” is the result of this focus. Ghasemi Brothers, driven by intuition and interest, gradually started to paint objects that were reminiscent of their native city’s nature, the coastal area of Bandar Anzali. This route led to other elements of this nature, sea, rain, and ultimately the color blue —which have been substantially present in their collaborative work— to become predominant themes in “Blue Room”.