b. 1970. Tehran, Iran


Solo Exhibitions

2017. The Shaving Portfolio. In Collaboration with Rezvan Projects. Electric Room. A Dastan:Outside Project. Tehran, Iran

2016. The Big Shave. Curated by Ali Bakhtiari. Dastan's Basement. Tehran, Iran
2013. Hearts. Etemad Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2008. Look Like Humans. Homa Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran



Selected Group Exhibitions

2019. City Prince/sses. Dhaka, Lagos, Manila, Mexico City and Tehran. Palais De Tokyo. Paris, France

2018. The Oil Of Pardis. Balice Hertling gallery. Paris, France

2017. Universal Pink. UNTITLED, Art Miami Beach. Miami Beach, Florida, USA

2016. Mr. President. Azad Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2015. The Great Game. Venice Biennale. Venice, Italy
2014. Art for Peace. Mohsen Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2014. Etemad Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2012. What Lies Beneath 2. Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde. Dubai, UAE
2012. Domination, Hegemony and the Panopticon. Traffic Gallery. Dubai, UAE
2012. Salsali Private Museum. Dubai, UAE
2011. How Lucky We Are, Angel at Our Table, God in Our Car. Galerie Krinzinger. Vienna, Austria
2011. What Lies Beneath. Gallery Isabelle van den Eynde. Dubai, UAE
2010. New Faces —Iran. Janet Rady Fine Art. London, UK
2010. Mohsen Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2009. Human Habitation. University of Westminster. London, UK
2009. Mah-e Mehr Gallery. Tehran, Iran