The Diary of a Gambler by Reza Shafahi

Apartamento Magazine

Apartamento Magazine celebrated its latest publication, “The Diary of a Gambler,” with an exhibition of Reza Shafahi’s work, held in 0fr, a gallery bookshop in Paris, until August 31, 2023.

In his 70s, Iranian artist Reza Shafahi embarked on a late-career artistic pursuit after battling a gambling addiction and reconnecting with his family. The Diary of a Gambler, a volume edited by Jina Khayyer and Reza Shafahi, celebrates his artistic journey. Curated by Mamali Shafahi and Tony Cox, the exhibition features Reza's vibrant and expressive works depicting mature figures exuding joy and contentment. Symbolizing pleasure, sexuality, and regeneration, the artworks center around a garden teeming with pomegranates, inviting viewers to savor the present and preserve happiness for the future.

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June 30, 2023
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