Morteza Pourhosseini in an interview with Canvas Magazine

Canvas Magazine
In an interview with Canvas Magazine, artist Morteza Pourhosseini discusses his lifelong passion for painting and the significance of the medium in expressing emotions and thoughts. Pourhosseini's ongoing series, "Unfinished Book," combines repurposed old book covers with scientifically illustrated drawings of plants, reflecting his interest in collecting and studying botanicals. Another series, titled "Before the Fall," draws inspiration from biblical and art historical references, portraying individuals caught in a moment before expulsion. The artist explores themes of wounds and scars as reminders of past experiences and utilizes symbolism to critique social and political issues. The use of foliage to cover faces and eyes invites contemplation on identity and censorship. Pourhosseini's recent exhibition, "In-Between," presents subjects in transit or an unknown void, symbolizing the uncertainty of contemporary society. The artist's selection of plants and foliage in his work is influenced by his upbringing in a diverse natural environment and his ongoing exploration of different natural landscapes.
June 26, 2023
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