Reza Aramesh at Royal Academy of Arts as part of "Summer Exhibition 2020".

Royal Academy of Arts

"Action 166: Study of the Head as Cultural Artefact" by Reza Aramesh is on view until the 3rd of January, 2021 at Royal Academy of Arts as part of "Summer Exhibition 2020".

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For the first time in its 252-year history, the Summer Exhibition, one of the most prestige annual exhibitions, will fall in winter, co-ordinated by film and photography artist duo Jane and Louise Wilson RA, who are steering the show into new waters.

Reza Aramesh: “I feel very honoured that I have been invited in this year Summer Exhibition, amongst some of the internationally renowned artists such as Marina Abramovic, Wolfgan Tilman, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Chris Ofili, Linder, Rebecca Horn, Yinka Shonibare and many more.. Four of the rooms exhibited by Jane and Louise Wilson, Isaac Julian and Sonia Boyce reflect our contemporary conditions, questioning and critiquing the ‘British Empire’. The entire show is curated by six artists."

Under the working title ‘Rapture in Fracture’ for this year’s theme, the Wilsons’ original ambition had been to disrupt the floorplan of Burlington House’s neoclassical galleries.“The salon-style hang is such a classic, very familiar encounter,” Louise explains. “We were thinking: how can we readdress that?” They had planned to exhibit artworks off the existing walls on invisible walls, suspending them from the ceilings and elevating them, to draw the eye upwards (the rapture of the title). Now, however, in order to observe safe social distancing, all interventions that might obstruct the flow of visitors through the space are off the table: tickets are timed and visitors follow a designated path through the exhibition.

October 3, 2020
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